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ALTQSTAT(1) General Commands Manual ALTQSTAT(1)


altqstatshow altq status


altqstat [-enrs] [-c count] [-w wait] [-i interface] [-I input_interface]


The altqstat command displays the status of a queueing discipline. The contents displayed by altqstat is specific to each queueing discipline.

The options are as follows:

Echo communication with altqd(8) to standard output. This option is for debugging.
Disable communication with altqd(8). The interface should be explicitly specified.
Enter the raw console mode to talk to altqd(8). This option is for debugging queue information exchange between altqstat and altqd(8).
List all interfaces, classes and filters currently installed.
-c count
altqstat exits after displaying count times. If no repeat count is specified, the default is infinity.
-w wait
Pause wait seconds between each display. If no repeat wait interval is specified, the default is 5 seconds.
-i interface
Show information about the specified interface. If no interface is specified, the default interface is the first interface returned from altqd(8).
-I input_interface
Show information about the specified input interface. This option is used to specify traffic conditioner at an input interface.


Unix domain socket for communicating with altqd(8)
December 24, 1999 NetBSD 7.0