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SHMIF_DUMPBUS(1) General Commands Manual SHMIF_DUMPBUS(1)


shmif_dumpbusexamine shmif bus contents


shmif_dumpbus [-h] [-p pcapfile] busfile


The shmif_dumpbus utility examines the bus of an shmif(4) Ethernet interface. The most useful feature is converting the bus to the pcap(3) file format for later examination. shmif_dumpbus itself is limited to displaying only very basic information about each frame.

shmif_dumpbus accepts the following flags:

Print bus header only and skip contents.
-p pcapfile
Convert bus contents to the pcap(3) format and write the result to pcapfile. The file - signifies stdout.


Feed the busfile contents to pcap:

$ shmif_dumpbus -p - busfile | tcpdump -r -


shmif_dumpbus does not lock the busfile and is best used for post-mortem analysis of the bus traffic.

The timestamp for each frame contains the sender's timestamp and may not be monotonically increasing with respect to the frame order in the dump.

January 12, 2011 NetBSD 7.0