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NTPTIME(8) System Manager's Manual NTPTIME(8)


ntptimeread kernel time variables


ntptime [-chr] [-e est_error] [-f frequency] [-m max_error] [-o offset] [-s status] [-t time_constant]


This program is useful only with special kernels described in the A Kernel Model for Precision Timekeeping page in /usr/share/doc/html/ntp/kern.html. It reads and displays time-related kernel variables using the ntp_gettime(2) system call. A similar display can be obtained using the ntpdc program and kerninfo command.


Display the execution time of ntptime itself.
-e est_error
Specify estimated error, in microseconds.
-f frequency
Specify frequency offset, in parts per million.
Display times in Unix timeval format. Default is NTP format.
Specify the leap bits as a code from 0 to 3.
-m max_error
Display help information.
-o offset
Specify clock offset, in microseconds.
Display Unix and NTP times in raw format.
-s status
Specify clock status. Better know what you are doing.
-t time_constant
Specify time constant, an integer in the range 0-4.


David L. Mills (
March 29, 2000 NetBSD 7.0