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 <p>EdgeBSD is an informal group of people interested in the development and promotion of the BSD family of Operating Systems, focusing on <a href="" title="The NetBSD Project">NetBSD</a> and <a href="" title="The EdgeBSD Project">EdgeBSD</a> in particular.</p>
 <h3>Contact information</h3>
 <p>The administrator of the EdgeBSD Project can be contacted at the following address:</p>
-<p>Pierre Pronchery - EdgeBSD<br/>
-Rungestraße 22-24<br/>
-10179 Berlin<br/>
+<p>Pierre Pronchery - EdgeBSD<br/>Gubener Straße 40<br/>
+10243 Berlin<br/>
 <p>Or alternatively by e-mail at <a href="">root AT edgebsd DOT org</a>.</p>
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